Vivid Flex

The new Flex digital hearing instrument with its sleek and contoured patent-pending ergonomic design was created with our focus on You. Key features include our new iScroll  Digital Volume Control, a smooth, easy-to-adjust gliding roller for those who may have limited dexterity. The new push-button memory switch is effortless to locate and operate. It is triple-perspiration-proof with three layers of protection.

The exceptional design of the Flex provides a comfortable fit over previous generations of hearing instruments.

The flexibility doesn’t end there…

With more standard features than previous hearing instruments, the Flex provides endless solutions for your wearing comfort. It’s the instrument that offers stylish performance for your active lifestyle!


  • Adaptive Directionality automatically – switches between microphone settings depending on noise in the environment while adapting to the source of speech. This provides you with extraordinary performance and understanding with seamless transition to different listening modes without any adjustment by you while wearing the Flex.
  • Programmable Dual Microphone System – allows you to select different listening modes depending on your listening situation with a click of the memory button; or you may wish to leave the Flex in the fully automatic
  • Adaptive Directionality – setting for touch-free operation. Exclusive iScroll Digital Volume Control, is a smooth, easy-to-adjust gliding roller for those who may have limited dexterity.
  • Revolutionary Adaptive Feedback Cancellation system – with constant monitoring it virtually eliminates whistling, known as feedback.
  • Environmental Recognition System (ERS) – offers the latest in reduction of environmental noise with a maximum setting to address the most extreme situations.
  • Programmable Power-on Delay – gives you time to properly place your flx instrument without the normal whistling or feedback common when positioning a hearing instrument on or in your ear. Select from 4 time-delay options along with 4 power level settings for added flexibility. Twelve (12) Channels, 12 Band Gain Equalizer Adjustment, and four (4) Programmable Memories. 312 battery for up to 175 hours of battery life.

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Just simply put them in your ear and be amazed at the clarity. Whether watching TV. listening to music or having an in depth conversation with a loved one, the sound you have been missing will be back! 

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What’s Inside The Box?

  • 1 X Pair Of Vivid Flex
  • Hearing Aids 1 X
  • Instruction Manual
  • 1 Year Iron Clad Warranty
  • 1 X Travel Case 

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