Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a hearing test before purchasing hearing aids?

No, a hearing test is not required to purchase a hearing aid. Many people have mild
to moderate hearing loss and will find that any of will work great for them.

Do I need hearing aids for both ears?

You rely on both of your eyes to judge distance, you need both of your ears to locate the direction of sounds. This information is crucial in situations where your safety is a concern. Using both your ears to hear and understand doubles the sound signals your brain receives. It also means each ear works less and you hear more of what you need to.

Are these hearing aids or amplifiers?

Our products are FDA registered hearing aids and very similar to hearing aids that are being sold around the country for $5,000-$6,000.

Are hearing aids safe to try and use?

Yes! Hearing aids have been regulated by the FDA since 1977.

How do I know your hearing aids will help me?

We give you a full 45 days to try them out. We want you to wear them in various
environments and experience their full power. If for any reason they do not work
for you, you can simply return them within 45 days and you will get a 100% refund.

Do I need to see my doctor first?

No, it’s not necessary. Federal law allows anyone 18 years and older to obtain a
hearing aid without consulting a medical doctor. However, if you feel something
else besides aging is causing your hearing loss, it’s best to consult your physician.

What rewards do I get?

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